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What my clients have to say

Kim is both kind and generous with her knowledge.  She is deliberate and thoughtful with your plan of care.  Extremely competent and professional - a true expert in her field!

Michelle T.

Kimberly is simply outstanding. She patiently listens and asks probing questions that make you look within yourself, a key to improvement but not easy  to do. She works through issues with you and helps you develop the tools to face your challenges. Working with Kimberly has been life changing as she has been and will continue to be a key figure in helping to save my relationship as well as take back the reigns on my life. Five stars is not enough!

Scott B

It is hard to find someone that is professional, efficient, friendly, knowledgeable and that you can trust with your emotions. Kim, has all these wonderful qualities and many more. I am very thankful for her.


Kimberly Merritt is professional, compassionate, and provides insightful ideas for approaching ways to view thoughts, feelings and interaction in positive ways to help me understand myself better and improve my self esteem and interactions with family, friends and co-workers. I appreciate the partnership we have developed.


17830 Ben Hill Griffin Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33913. They have been great with the little interaction I have had with them. I use them for my cash on hand. My "yes I would give them a try" is when my father passed away every other bank told me all these hoops I needed to go through. Not LMCU she gave me a simple solution that required little time, no money and it was done. Every other bank was more interested in "managing my funds" then helping me. And way best returns then suncoast credit union. 

Sean M

Kim lets you feel that its ok to hurt because together we can fix it. After a while, I am coping well and continue to grow. There is no easy fix, take your time and I promise you will get there with Kim's guidance. 


I was given relevant suggestions that are easy to accomplish and motivate me to take action to ease anxiety and frustrations in my life.

Mary K

Kim has helped me work through a very difficult time In my life. She has helped me move forward with appropriate coping skills. She listens and offers insight - she has definitely helped me to be in a healthy, happy and comfortable place in my life!


I was not sure about counseling, but Kimberly makes it easy to Talk to. I feel like a weight is being lifted off me every time I have a session. Thank you Kimberly.

Lorie M

Prior to seeing Kim, I was apprehensive about going to therapy. Since working with her, I can say that therapy has been extremely helpful and is an integral part of my healing process. Kim is experienced, patient and kind, creating a safe space to work through a variety of issues. I would recommend her a hundred times over to anyone who needs her services! 


I've been working with Kim now for a few years. She has helped me through many different phases of my life and I'm always so grateful for our sessions. She is wonderful and I'm so glad I found her :)


Had my first Telehealth appointment with Kim. I felt very comfortable. I opened up a lot quicker than I thoughI would. I am looking forward to gaining some perspective on issues I can't control and to control my responses when it comes to these issues.


Kimberly is very experienced in many areas and as well as empathetic, solution oriented, and uses real life scenarios that help you to keep pushing forward and reach your goals.

Dina C

I have been seeing Kimberly for several months and it's been really helpful for me, in multiple ways. I am grateful for all her help. She is good at listening and helping me come up with ideas on how to deal with issues, and helping me have perspective- all things which I very much need! 


Very formal and straight forward. That’s what I need right now. I know that I’ll get the help. Thank you.

Alexandra S

Kimberly is a patient person. I felt very comfortable. I never felt rushed and I'm excited to go back. I feel hopeful

Amanda F

With the patience and knowledge capable of a life changing experience, Kimberly Merritt has earned her 5 star review and would be the first person I would reccomend for individual therapy!

Travis H

Our first appointment went well. Kimberly was easy to talk with and had good insights into different ways to view situations I struggle with. I would recommend Kimberly to friends and family in need of help. Scheduling and virtual meeting went smoothly.


Highly recommend to anyone looking. I was there for my first visit and will be seeing her again. Very easy to to talk to and open up with.


Kimberly is a fabulous therapist that knows exactly how to get to know you, to understand you and then helps you dive into your opportunities in a tailored to you approach. I highly recommend her services and have had a great overall experience.