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Individual Therapy for Adults and Children

Creative collaboration is the hallmark of my approach to individual therapy. Together you and I will work as a team to explore your current situation, your life experiences, and your goals. My style is active and engaging, which many people find helpful in working through their particular challenges. I use a variety of techniques which is then individualized for each person, as I believe that while many of us have common issues, there are several options to help improve our personal situations. At times I may suggest particular resources, such as books or exercises, but the ultimate direction is determined together.

With the stresses prevalent in our world today, many children struggle with anxiety, as well as other emotional and behavioral issues which impact their ability to adapt and succeed in school, home, and their peer groups. Having a safe and nurturing place to develop social skills as well as explore feelings about themselves and others has been correlated with increased resiliency and coping with family changes, as well as those who have been affected by teasing and bullying, or challenges related to ADHD or learning difficulties. A combination of play therapy for younger children, cognitive behavioral therapy and family therapy for older children and teens allows our youth to improve their self-esteem and ability to function in the world.