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Couples and Family Therapy

Many couples enter counseling when they feel like they have exhausted all other options. That said, relationships rarely deteriorate overnight, and there are signs earlier on that a couple would benefit from counseling. These “red flags” include a breakdown in communication, increased resentments and contempt, sexual difficulties, and increased conflict, among others.

Partners come into couples or marriage counseling with a variety of issues which can range from communication and conflict resolution, roles and boundaries, parenting and finances, addiction and stress, stepfamily issues, and infidelity, among others.

I believe that couples therapy is a collaborative process that benefits from a strong team approach. I utilize strength-based theories and techniques, such as those of John Gottman, and believe that rebuilding these assets as well as diminishing the challenges are vital to improving the quality of the relationship. Our time together will be used to explore different styles, interventions, and techniques which will enable the couple to change hurtful and destructive patterns and create a stronger, more meaningful connection.